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About Joyful Notes
For over 20 years Joyful Notes has provided quality piano lessons to children and adults of all ages in Pearland, Texas and the Houston area. We currently have day time slots available for Homeschoolers.
Please check our Calendar for available times, or fill out our Registration form.
We are happy to have you and/or your child as a student with us. We hope that you enjoy your time with us. We expect each student to make progress from year to year. To make expected progress requires regular daily practice at home. As the student progresses the practice time should increase.

We have a yearly Spring Recital in which everyone is encouraged to participate. Recitals give everyone the opportunity to perform and hear others perform. This gives them a goal to work towards each year. If you choose to participate in the recital it is expected that the student take it seriously and work hard to learn their music well.

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