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Tuition and Fees
Policies & Procedures
Tuitions and Fees
Tuition and Fees
Monthly Tuition

4-week month: $100
5-week month: $125

If tuition is paid on or before the 1st of each month you will receive a 10 % discount for that month.

  1 Student Paid by 1st Paid between 2nd
and 8th
Paid after the 8th
4-week Month $100 $90 $100 $110
5-week Month $125 $115 $125 $135
  2 Students w/
family discount
Paid by 1st Paid between 2nd
and 8th
Paid after the 8th
4-week Month $190 $170 $190 $200
5-week Month $240 $215 $240 $250

A drop box is located outside near the front door for payments made during non teaching hours. Another drop box is located in the teaching room for payments made at lesson time. All payments must be placed in either box.

Registration Fee An annual $20 registration fee due by September 1 of each year.
Recital Fees Recitals are per year during the spring. A non-refundable recital fee is required for anyone that chooses to participate. The fee is due by April 1st.
Music I will purchase any music needed. The invoice is billed and due before I purchase the music.
Holidays and Summers Lessons are discontinued at the following times:
Thanksgiving holiday
December: Christmas Break, beginning the last full day of school and starting back the 2nd of January.
Spring Break
Required Practice If your child has been taking lessons for:

One year or less - practice time should be 20-30 minutes per day.
One to Two years - practice time should be 30 minutes to 1 hour per day.
Two years or more - practice time should be 1 hour or more. To really make progress 2 hours or more is best.

It is ideal to practice every day of the week, though 5 days is what I require. If a student practices 3 days or less, the progress is extremely slow (if any).
Spring Recital All students are encouraged to perform in the Recital each year. It is required that each student learn between 1 - 3 pieces for the recital. Each student must learn their music well enough so they feel confident in their ability to perform at their best. To accomplish this it requires a commitment from the student and the parent to practice regularly and attend as many lessons as possible.

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